seven days

Today marks one week until my surgery. One week from this very minute, I hope to be waking up in recovery after a quick, successful, and technically easy procedure. I am very likely to babble mortifying nonsense as the anesthetic cocktail of Propofol, Versed and Fentanyl wears off. While signing consents, my surgeon casually warned me that I am almost guaranteed to say embarrassing things to friends and family while in recovery. I informed him that saying awkward and embarrassing things is pretty much my baseline, and I have already had a lifetime to make peace with that. He laughed and strongly suggested that I hide my phone. I countered that I play a mean game of “I Spy” and that there is virtually no way I will not find it given enough motivation. Be forewarned that if you answer a call from me next Monday, you are equally likely to find me reciting random lines of poetry, professing my undying love, or delving instead into a Festivus-like “Airing of Grievances”. Please just take it as a sign that I made it through a successful surgery, and that I love you enough to be thinking of you. Taunt me later as necessary.

Better still, I hope to be out of recovery and up and out of bed, walking as many laps as humanly possible around the hospital. I’m going to count. I want to break records.

I hope to be able to keep down two medicine cups of liquid every fifteen minutes without issue. Again, these are my hopes.

I’m currently on day 8 of liquids, and perhaps due to boredom, I have been finding it difficult to get anything but water down for the past day. Drinking liquid meals is probably particularly difficult for me because I grew up with a dieting mindset that dictated never to drink my calories, and only to eat when truly hungry. Even knowing that it is necessary to get these calories in, it still feels like an unpleasant chore. And a waste.

I have not been at all hungry, and today I need to force myself to drink protein because I had absolutely no desire to drink my meals yesterday. Or this morning. Or now.

I find that so many people going through this process have the strong desire to eat solid foods, and I just don’t want to have anything right now. I am curious what the next month (or three) of liquids is going to be like.

I took all of my before measurements one week ago upon beginning the liquid diet, and though the scale has been stubborn, I have lost far more inches than I ever expected.

The loss breakdown is as follows:

Bust: -2.5″ (Collateral damage, sigh.)

Waist: -2.5″ (The small of my waist.)

Low Abdomen: -3.5″ (I have a long torso, so I measured separately from my waist. This is the widest point of my abdomen.)

Low Hip: -4″

Upper Arms (combined): -1″

Thighs (combined): -4″

Forearms (combined): -1.5″

Calves (combined): -4″

This is a whopping total of 23″ lost in the last WEEK. Let that be a nudge to the scale.

I’ve got this. Seven Days.


2 thoughts on “seven days

  1. woo hoo! Go girl, sounds like you are already transforming. There’s nothing better to salve your irritated soul when the scale doesn’t move than a pair of pants feeling looser, a top being too big. Keep your biggest pair of pants handy to try on when you are feeling blue about the scale. The day you can put both legs into one leg, is awesome. Its all about inches from here on out.

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