New Year’s Eve

I’ve always loved New Year’s. It’s a holiday dedicated to celebrating new beginnings. It’s about promise, and starting over, and hope. 

On New Year’s Eve 2015, I didn’t wish for a happy new year. I asked for a challenging one. 

I wanted a year that would push me out of my comfort zone. I wanted a year that would help me grow.

I took it as a sign that my prayers had been answered when, just after midnight last January 1st, I walked outside to watch fireworks and stumbled into a mud puddle. I bounced right back up, laughing that it was a bad way to begin a year, but after a moment, I realized that it didn’t matter what happened to me– that little test showed my resilience, and resilience was the important part. I would always bounce back up.
Some would call 2016 a disaster. It has certainly been difficult. Personally, I have faced some of the biggest challenges of my life: health concerns, career uncertainty, changes in relationships– starting over in almost every conceivable way. 

I started over in so many meaningful ways, and because of it, every day, I grow stronger and wiser. Every day, I find myself closer to a path that is right for me.

Though I love making resolutions, I haven’t been giddy scribbling them away this year. My goals are unchanged, and I know that I am on my way to reaching them.

I took a major step toward meaningful weight loss by spending most of 2016 in a bariatric program, finally receiving a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on December 19. I am entering 2017 65.5″ smaller than I was when I began my liquid diet on December 5. I know that, having faced these challenges, I am prepared for anything else that comes my way.

I hope that 2017 challenges me, and I hope those challenges bring happiness. I sincerely wish the same for all of you.

Thank you for testing me, 2016. 

I’m ready, 2017.


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