One Month

Today is my one month surgiversary. I began my day with an early morning follow-up with my surgeon, which could not have gone better. He was pleased with my progress, with how well I’ve healed, and my one month stats. I have had no complaints. I have felt perfectly fine since week one. He joked that I was the new poster child for the program, and cleared me for the gym and all duties.

“When I go to the gym, I can lift?” I asked. He confirmed that I could, and explained how strength training would be particularly beneficial.

“When I lift, I really lift… that’s still okay?” I asked. He assured me that it would be fine. “Just stop if it hurts,” he said. “But you shouldn’t have a problem.”

He said that he could already see a big change in me, particularly in my face, and asked if others had been commenting. I told him that I’ve been very open about the process, largely because I wanted to educate people and help others who might be considering the procedure. I assured him that I would look completely different by my follow-up in two months. “You already do!” he said, shaking my hand.

On my way home this evening, I had a little time to kill, so I stopped at Savers. Right now, my measurements are changing so rapidly that I plan to rely on old clothes and thrift finds to get me by. I found several shirts that appealed to me, but it was difficult to shop because everything I tried on was wrong. I went to the dressing room with several pieces that I figured would fit, and each of them was baggy and awkward. I have grown so accustomed to shopping for a different size, but also for a different body– I found myself swimming in the shapeless pieces I instinctively pulled from the racks.

It’s been a great month, with so much change, both outside and in. 

The most amazing part?

This is just the beginning. 


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