Seven Week Update

Today marks seven weeks post-op and nine weeks since beginning the pre-op diet that jump-started the process. I’m feeling much better off of the antibiotics, and I was even able to eat relatively normally (for a post-op patient) at yesterday’s Super Bowl party.

I had a couple of wings, some fruit salad (which was a lovely treat after negligible carbs for two months), and a bite of a couple of other appetizers: a jalapeño popper and some buffalo chicken dip. Oddly, my weight, which had been holding pretty steady, dropped 0.5 lbs since yesterday, despite eating more than I’ve been able to for months.

Yesterday, I also noticed how much more quickly I am able to walk what has become a familiar route, and how much easier it is to move my body in general. I feel stronger and more flexible, assuming yoga poses without difficulty. I can hold my feet again without struggling. It might seem like a silly achievement, but rounding 32, I feel younger and healthier than I did at 24.


Overall pounds down: 70.5 (weight loss has been crawling for a couple of weeks, but inches tell a different story.)

Overall inches lost (from Dec. 5): 111.5″

  • Bust: -7″
  • Waist: -9″
  • Low hips: -13″
  • Midsection: -17″
  • Upper arms (total): -11″
  • Thighs (total): -21″
  • Forearms  (total): -5″
  • Calves (total): -13.5″
  • Shoulders: -11.5″
  • Neck: -3.5″

Other victories:

I’m starting to really see my cheekbones.

I have cheekbones!

I can feel my hip bones when I lay down.

I’m beginning to have a shape again (other than round). My waist-to-hip ratio is now that golden 7:10 ratio, which is exciting for an evolutionary bio nerd. The numbers are still too big, but this in itself has been an exciting milestone. My bust and hips measure roughly the same now (with bust curiously– and narrowly– half-inching out my hips. That has never happened before.)

My waist is now 7″ smaller than either of my thighs on December 5.

My calves are now 4″ smaller than my upper arms were.

I no longer snore. I used to get teased about my loud snoring by my crew at my volunteer ambulance company, which was one reason that I avoided sleeping on my overnight shift. For the past three weeks, I have slept and people have told me I have not snored.

Now smaller and lighter, I can move around an ambulance far more easily.

My (smaller) pants are now falling off of me. I haven’t needed to unbutton my jeans to put them on for a couple of weeks. The size smaller than that fits me very well now, so I think it’s time to say goodbye to this comfortable old pair (but oh, they’re comfortable.)

Moving forward.


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