Four Months Later

What an odyssey the past four months have been! I passed the hundred pounds lost mark a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been hovering in place, just a couple of pounds below there. I have lost a total of 183 inches from my body overall– more than 15 feet of flesh in inches– which is absurd to think about. The sizes keep dropping, and everything fits me awkwardly, either gapping in the waist or bunching in the thighs, or dropping from one shoulder or the other. Here’s a breakdown of my body measurements, and how they have changed:

Overall inches lost (from Dec. 5): 183″

    • Bust: -13″
    • Waist: -14.5″
    • Low hips: -23″
    • Midsection: -30″
    • Upper arms (total): -18.5″
    • Thighs (total): -31″
    • Forearms  (total): -9.5″
    • Calves (total): -17.5″
    • Shoulders: -20″
    • Neck: -6″

Anticipated Losses:

  • I now have a 27″ waist, which is INSANE. My body basically has funhouse-like curves at this point, because my waist is at my goal size, but the rest of me has quite a bit to go. I’m starting to realize that, once I get to my goal weight, a good tailor might become my new best friend, because standard sizing will never fit me correctly without one.
  • My thighs are now the size that my calves were.
  • My calves are smaller than my upper arms were.
  • My upper arms are smaller than my forearms were.
  • My bust and hips are both smaller than my waist was.
  • I can feel my ribcage now. I remember, a few weeks ago, laying down and watching tv with my hands on my sternum, and I had a brief thought that something felt weird. It was the sensation of feeling bones and not just fat there. It’s been awhile.
  • At my doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago, they were able to use a normal adult blood pressure cuff on my upper arm. Again, it’s been awhile.
  • No part of my body is larger than 43″ now. That may seem minor, but for me, it’s a huge achievement. This makes me, overall, around a size 16, although sizes vary widely (and so do my measurements).

Unexpected Losses:

  • Hair. About a month ago, I started to shed more hair than normal. Fortunately, I have an extremely thick head of hair, so it hasn’t been noticeable to others, though it’s irksome to me. It happens to roughly 80% of people who have bariatric surgery, generally between 3-6 months out, and it is largely due to the major hormonal changes that come with losing fat so rapidly. I can take solace in the fact that it will grow back in. These are just growing pains.
  • Almost all desire to eat: If not for being around other people, I could easily forget to eat. I do not get hungry in the traditional sense anymore– it’s more like I see food, or hear people speaking about food, and then I remember that I’m supposed to eat, and/or that food tastes good. When I’m at home alone, I don’t really bother making food for myself anymore (because what’s the point in preparing a meal when you’re only going to have three or four bites of it?) Take tonight for example: I have protein shakes, broth, and strawberries at home, and I opted for broth and strawberries rather than going to the store to pick up meat. Even a small package goes bad before I can finish it. I have discovered that I can eat larger volumes of certain foods (like fruit, which essentially reduces down into juice.) This falls somewhere between good-to-know and dangerous discovery. I still can’t eat as much food as they want me to be able to, and I’m not eager to try to force-feed myself, although I am told that eating more might (counterintuitively) help with the weight loss.
  • My vital signs have dropped considerably. My resting heart rate, pre-op, was nearly 100. It runs in the 60s now. My blood pressure crept around 130/90 pre-op, and now it hovers below 110/70. Although I was fortunate not to have any diabetic issues and my blood glucose remained within normal range pre-op, now it barely breaks 80-90, even after a meal. It’s just the new normal.



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