It started a year ago

One year ago today, I walked into a bariatric office for the first time. I was nervous and embarrassed, but if I’m being really honest, those feelings were my baseline as a woman who was well over 300 lbs. I had been sent by my endocrinologist, who noted my morbid obesity as he evaluated me for both thyroid and adrenal issues. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that this referral to bariatrics was my only real hope at weight loss given my history and hormonal issues.

Last week marked five months post-op, and I have seen so many changes in my body. No part of this process has been easy, but it has been worth every sacrifice.

Stats, since December 5:

Weight Lost: -130.2 lbs. (It was 126 yesterday, so there’s definitely some water weight at work, but numbers are numbers, and I have hit enough inexplicable plateaus for this to balance it out. I’m not going to complain.)

Overall inches lost: 200.5″

    • Bust: -16″
    • Waist: -15″
    • Low hips: -26″
    • Midsection: -34″
    • Upper arms (total): -19″
    • Thighs (total): -32.5″
    • Forearms  (total): -11″
    • Calves (total): -19″
    • Shoulders: -22″
    • Neck: -6″

Fun bonuses:

  • My midsection is now half its original size on Dec. 5.
  • My bust and hips are now smaller than either individual thigh was.
  • My thighs are roughly the size of my upper arms on Dec. 5.
  • My calves are approximately the size of my forearms five months ago.
  • I can cross my legs. I have more energy. It takes less effort to move. I don’t worry anymore that I’m going to break chairs when I sit, and when I do sit, I have a lap. I feel more confident in social settings, even if I will always be awkward.

Here’s to a year of a million tiny victories.